Overkill Software – the team behind the cooperative first-person shooter PAYDAY 2 – has revealed it will most likely be ending updates for the Switch version of the game.

Instead of quietly dropping the platform, the developer chose to be upfront about what was going on in a recent news post over on its official website. It's all tied to the 'Winds of Change' update coming to other platforms, which will include both paid and free content.

We’re very sad to announce that PAYDAY 2 for Nintendo Switch will be very unlikely to see further updates, despite what our initial ambitions were on the contrary. As per above, we’ve been forced to make many hard decisions along the road, and this is yet another. To put the Switch version separately into context, the transfer of the game over to the Switch-platform was not made in-house and would require significant further investments to happen.

We are very aware that this was undesired news, but we’d rather be clear to set the expectations now.

Another factor to consider was that the game's publisher Starbreeze ran out of cash in late 2018 and entered a "reconstruction" phase. While it's been able to stay afloat, it's had to clean up its business along the way and make a lot of tough decisions to survive.

PAYDAY 2 arrived on the Switch last February, so it's received just under two years of support from Overkill. When it was released on the system, we said it was "remarkably close" to the full package on other platforms.

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