Seemingly being made up of a mix of different genres, Balthazar's Dream is just days away from launching on Nintendo Switch. The best news? You play the whole thing as a dog.

The game follows the story of Dustin, a boy who goes into a coma after a tragic incident. His injuries are serious, but his faithful dog Balthazar remains by his side, lying and sleeping alongside him at all times. One day, though, Balthazar has a dream where he senses the presence of two entities. He recognises one as Dustin, but the other presence lurks menacingly in the darkness; Balthazar is sure that it is here to take Dustin away.

And so, our dog protagonist em-barks (ahem) on a quest to save his owner, making his way through all sorts of dreamy landscapes containing platforming, adventure, and even shooter gameplay sections. Here's a quick feature list to tell you a little more:

• 10 levels
• 3 dogfights with bosses
• 5 different dog breeds to play with
• Launching your dog into space
• Emotional soundtrack
• Challenging platformer segments

The game launches on 14th November and will be available for 7.99€. You'll be able to pick it up directly from the Switch eShop.

One to keep an eye on? Let us know if you're liking the sound of this in the comments below.