Gaming accessory maker Venom is set to release a brand new (and very affordable) charging station for the Nintendo Switch Lite tomorrow.

Perhaps one of the most simple third-party dock designs we've seen, Venom's new product has a USB-C charger which connects to the bottom of your console and little else to get in the way. Thanks to this, it should also double up as a decent way to display your console if you want to show it off or put it with your other gaming goodies at home.

As you might expect, the station is available in the three launch colours of the Switch Lite - Turquoise, Yellow, and Grey. Each can be pre-ordered as we speak for just £7.99 - you'll find the links you need below.

Venom Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Stand

A useful little charger for your needs? Or would you prefer to just use the standard plug included in the box? Let us know with a comment below.

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