With software coming thick and fast to Switch these days, it's never been easier for a game - even a damn fine one - to get lost in the crowd. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch released on Switch way back on 20th September, but we wouldn't be surprised if it passed you by in the rush of great stuff hitting the eShop. In an effort to remind overstretched gamers that it's available on Switch now, it seems Level-5 commissioned Dutton Films to create a new (Japanese) 'trailer' - check it out above.

This bespoke 10-minute video from Level-5's official YouTube channel takes the game's gorgeous Studio Ghibli art and gives it a pixel art demake. The makers call it '8-bit', although retro enthusiasts whose pet peeve is people confusing 8 and 16-bit graphics might get a little shirty about that. It's arguably something in between - 12 or 13-bit, maybe? Regardless, it's a cute look at an imaginary version of Level-5's lovely JRPG and well worth watching if you're a fan.


With so many games coming out - especially at this time of year - we expect to see more companies gently reminding players that there's great stuff on the console which might have slipped their notice. There are plenty of hidden indie gems on the eShop, but even bigger games are getting lost now. Wrath of the White Witch is not without faults, but if you're into JRPGs (and for some reason don't fancy Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of the Longest Title We Could Possibly Squeeze Onto The Box), we thoroughly recommend checking out Ni no Kuni. Here's a brief extract from our review:

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is an experience unlike any other on the Switch, expertly blending standard RPG tropes with a heartwarming story, innovative art style, and an immersive soundtrack composed by some of the best in the business. In more ways than one, this is a ‘dream project’ that’s very existence is a gift to fans of the genre the world over; the privilege of experiencing it is something that shouldn’t be understated.

Dutton Films has produced pixel versions of various other media properties - head to the company's website to check out some more examples (we particularly enjoyed the 8-bit cinema montage).

Have you played Ni no Kuni on Switch? Or have you downloaded it but not got round to it just yet? Let us know below.

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