Earlier this week, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair arrived on the Switch, so how does it hold up compared to other versions? As usual, Digital Foundry has released a technical comparison and we're happy to report it's good news for anyone who has picked up a Nintendo copy.

The Switch version runs at a fixed resolution of 1360 x 765 in docked mode and 960 x 540 in portable mode. Outside of the Xbox One X version of the game, which runs at 3840 x 2160, all other platforms are locked at 1080p. About the only noticeable downside for Nintendo players are the slightly reduced texture and shadow resolutions.

In terms of frame rate, the game runs at a stable 60fps across all versions. The Switch maintains this in both the docked and portable modes, although the performance is noticeably cut in half when using a Tonic that changes the screen filter.

One other minor issue is the game's initial loading segment. Digital Foundry ran the Switch version off an SD card and found these opening loading sequences lasted up to 40 seconds. Fortunately, once you enter the game this doesn't seem to be a problem.

While there are a few incredibly minor issues here and there, the game runs perfectly fine and the Switch experience should be just as satisfying as other iterations, even if it is considered to be the "least impressive looking" overall.

How has your own time with Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair been so far? Leave a comment down below.