Nintendo Life Switch Lite
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Just over a month has passed since the Nintendo Switch Lite burst onto the scene. At launch, three different colours were available - Grey, Yellow, and Turquoise - with a special Pokémon edition set to follow in November ahead of the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield.

While all three consoles look lovely in the flesh, it's natural that fans would each have their own favourite design. While this humble writer would opt for the funky yellow version, we've seen plenty of turquoise units knocking about; as it turns out, the latter has been the most popular among consumers so far.

The news comes from Wall Street Journal reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, who has been sharing updates directly from Nintendo following today's six-month earnings report. Mochizuki notes that the turquoise version's popularity falls in line with Nintendo's expectations.

Today also brought with it the first official sales update for the Switch Lite. In its first ten days on the market, it managed to shift 1.95 million units, although data for each specific colour hasn't been provided.

Have you picked up a Switch Lite? Did you go with the turquoise variant, or something else? Let us know with a comment below.

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