Fortnite Cropped

If this new leak is anything to go by, the world-dominating battle royale world of Fortnite might be on the cusp of a major facelift.

An image spotted on the Italian version of the iOS App Store has reportedly leaked the following image, theoretically giving us an earlier-than-scheduled look at the future of the game beyond its current tenth season. The word 'Capitolo' is Italian for ''Chapter'.


As you can see, the map appears to show three of the game's standard characters, but they're looking over a brand new setting. For starters, there's a river with boats speeding along - a vehicle type not previously seen in the game - and other unfamiliar locations can be spotted, too.

Fans have been expecting a big shake-up like this for some time, so is Season 10 the end of the game as we know it? Fortnite developer Epic Games has scheduled an end-of-season live event which will be taking place in-game at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT / 7pm BST on Sunday 13th October - it might well be worth keeping an eye on that to find out.

Would you like to see Fortnite take on a whole new map, potentially with new gameplay mechanics to boot? Share your wildest dreams with us in the comments below.

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