Be careful!
Image: @nintendo_cs

Nintendo's customer support Twitter account for Japan is at it again with silly but seemingly necessary warnings for Switch owners. This follows on from a tweet telling users not to sit on their beloved hybrid system.

This time around it's a graphic directed at users who carry their Switch around in a backpack. Obviously, if you just shove it in there with everything else, you risk damaging the buttons, analog sticks and even the screen itself.

As you can see, it's also advisable not to lean against walls when you're carrying an unprotected Switch in a bag.

If you do take your Switch with you wherever you go, we recommend transporting it in a protective case. Check out the latest cases, pouches and even backpacks designed specifically for the Switch in our extensive accessory guide.

Do you transport your Switch in a backpack? Have you ever damaged it? Share your experiences below.