If you're one of the many who picked up a copy of Ring Fit Adventure over the last couple of weeks, you'll likely be waking up bright and early each morning to do your RPG/fitness routine, shedding the pounds and tightening those abs like a champion. Right?

Well, whether you've turned into a fitness wizard or you're already feeling the burn, American comedian and late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has a challenge for you. One of the game's challenges, called the 'Spinal Erectors Challenge', has you holding the Ring-Con above your head and squeezing it in and out as fast as you can. It's pretty intense, that's for sure.

Amazingly, Fallon has managed a score of 124. We say 'amazingly' because we've tried and come nowhere near - can you beat the score?

Our very own Zion had a go in response to both Jimmy and fellow YouTuber, BeatEmUps, and seemed fairly confident at first. That little "oh no" about three seconds into the challenge tells the true story, though. Don't worry Zion, we still love you.

Phew! We're getting tired just watching these.