Nintendo Dream is the name of Japan's official Nintendo publication, a magazine that began in 1996 and last year overtook the mighty Nintendo Power in terms of issues published. It's still going strong, too, with the latest issue being December 2019. Yes, we know it's still October. Ah, how we miss the steady acceleration of print magazines throughout the year - gotta squeeze in that 13th issue!

The mag regularly features a poll of the most popular Nintendo characters according to readers, and every time it's dominated by just one character. And no, if that big moustachioed sad face above didn't clue you in, it's not the company's mascot plumber. This month it's once again pink puffball Kirby who takes the top spot. In fact, he took the last one, too. And the one before that. And the one before that. Here's this month's ranking courtesy of Japanese Nintendo:

1. Kirby – 189pt
2. Mario – 111pt
3. Link – 96pt
4. Pikachu
5. Luigi
6 Isabelle
7. Zelda
8. Dimitri
9. Yoshi
10. Peach

The toppermost of the poppermost. Again.

The rest of the list shuffles around every month, but Kirby is a regular fixture at the very top. Good for him! We've got nothing against the little guy - after all, he is the saviour of the entire world according to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - but it's tough to imagine him getting that sort of love in the west.

Then again, we don't get those incredible pop-up cafes over here. Just thinking about them gives us a face like the plumber up top. Perhaps if Nintendo gave us a taste of that delicious merch then Kirby would enjoy this sort of popularity outside his homeland. Chance'd be a fine thing.

Reckon we've got it wrong and we're underestimating the Kirbmeister's popularity in the west? Who do you think would top the same poll in the west? Let us know your candidates below - we wouldn't be surprised to see Waluigi break the top 5.