It's a tough time to be an Animal Crossing fan - sure, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is there to keep you company, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf has enough to do to last a lifetime, but we know what you're really after: Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The game may well have been pushed back to next year - imagine, we might have already had it in our hands without the delay - but these adorable photos should hopefully help to calm your Animal Crossing needs until then. These snaps were shared by GAME Watch, showing off the Animal Crossing booth that was set up during Nintendo Live 2019 over the weekend.

Nintendo even had tour guides on hand to show fans around the area.

You can see a few more over on GAME Watch's site if you're interested.

K.K. Slider's been particularly busy - if you missed the news earlier today, he opened for the Splatoon stars as the support act at their concert during the event. His rendition of the new game's main theme was genuinely lovely.

Struggling to wait for 20th March? Leave us some Animalese synthesised gibberish in the comments below.