Ah, companies must love the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Frequently the source of pre-announcement leaks, it seems they've struck once again with a rating and summary for Gearbox Publishing's Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, the 2016 version of the Duke's first 3D outing.

While still officially unannounced, this rating pretty-much guarantees the Switch port's existence and following on from his appearance in Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition, it makes sense to see the original 1996 FPS outing for the foul-mouthed protagonist arrive on Switch as well.

The '20th Anniversary World Tour' version of the game contains the original four episodes, plus an extra one made by the original designers. It also saw a return of the original composer and Jon St. John, Duke's original voice actor. When the PS4 version was reviewed on our sister site Push Square, the gist was that you probably had to be there back in the day to really enjoy the Duke's original adventure these days, but with FPS stalwarts like Turok and DOOM now on Switch (and with DOOM 64 on the way), Duke Nukem is more than welcome to join the growing ranks of First-Person Shooters on Switch.

If nothing else, the summary penned by the ESRB provides a chuckle as it details the Duke's exploits in a factually-correct manner. "Firefights are accompanied by realistic gunfire, large explosions, and blood-splatter effects." Check. "Enemies occasionally break apart into bloody fragments as they are killed." Sounds about right. "The game includes some sexual/suggestive material." What do you mean some?

Are you excited to relive the old days with the guns-out, unreconstructed Duke? Let us know with a little comment in the usual place.

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