Forget the fact that it's 2019 for just a moment and allow yourself to enjoy the idea of popping a brand new Game Boy game into your beloved childhood console. If this sounds like a dream come true, you might want to check out DMG Deals Damage.

Released earlier this year by Ludoscience, DMG Deals Damage has you playing as a cute little Game Boy who must smash other famous mobile devices to bits. Why? Because these other devices went ahead and stole her birthday cake, the big meanies.

You see, the game was released to celebrate the handheld's 30th birthday and is available to play for free online. Things have been taken one step further, however, with a physical Game Boy cartridge available to purchase which will work with your original console.


The developer tells us that DMG Deals Damage is "a kind of action-roguelite game with 30 rooms to fight through, including 4 bosses to defeat".

Are you interested in this one? Do you have fond memories of your Game Boy? Let us know with a comment below.