The 2016 Wii U release Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is getting an encore on Switch. In today's Direct presentation hosted by Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi, it was revealed the game would be released on the hybrid platform next year on 17th January. Pre-orders are available now on the Switch eShop and here are some additional details from the PR:

The game that brought together the worlds of Fire Emblem and ATLUS is coming to Nintendo Switch. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is the Nintendo Switch version of the acclaimed RPG that originally launched on the Wii U system. This new version of the game contains a new song that wasn’t in the original, new story elements and the ability to take it on the go!

In our original review, we gave this RPG – that's part Shin Megami Tensei, part Fire Emblem – eight out of ten stars and complimented it for its energetic and dynamic combat system. Is this one you'll be picking up (again) when it arrives on Switch? Leave a comment below.