Throughout the many comments we read from Nintendo fans on a daily basis, the one recurring theme behind any Switch Lite doubts has revolved around the possibility of stick drift - and particularly how repairing such an issue would be more of a problem in the Lite than with the original model.

We think the Switch Lite is a really decent piece of kit, but the one thing we couldn't assess in our hardware review was this fear of any potential drift. We've seen it be reported by a frightening number of original model owners, but the issues started to appear a year or two into the system's lifespan. With Switch Lite, we'll need more time to figure out whether or not the same problems will occur - the early signs are strangely conflicting.

So, if the Switch Lite does encounter these problems (we emphasise the 'if' because Nintendo may well have tweaked something under the hood to combat the issue without us realising), then how much of a problem will it be to fix? Well, Nintendo's official repair pricing guide for Japan gives us a small indication.

According to Nintendo's website, sending in an original Joy-Con to have stick issues fixed will cost you 2,160 yen including tax, assuming you have no warranty left. That's just for one Joy-Con, so sending in two would cost you 4,320 yen. To have a Switch Lite's sticks fixed, you'd have to pay 4,860 yen, which we're sure would be charged regardless of the number of sticks that have a fault.

So not only does sending in a Switch Lite cost more than having both your Joy-Con sorted, but should you only have an issue with one stick, it would essentially end up costing you more than double the amount it would have cost for a single Joy-Con. Not only that, but you'd obviously be without the whole console for the duration of the repair.

The prices we've mentioned above only relate to Switch owners in Japan, so western players might face completely different pricing structures. Assuming pricing would remain fairly consistent across the board, though, you might be looking at some slightly pricey repairs if the system does develop any issues.

Have you picked up a Switch Lite? Are you at all concerned about the potential risk of stick drift in the future? Share your thoughts with us below.