How the Switch Lite is 'supposed' to be enjoyed
How the Switch Lite is 'supposed' to be enjoyed

As you'll no doubt be aware, the Switch Lite cannot be docked, so there's no official way to play your new console on the TV in the same way as the original Switch model. A recent teardown of the console revealed that there's no hidden workaround possible either as the necessary hardware doesn't exist within the machine itself, but that doesn't mean our docking dreams have to end there.

The mastermind behind My Mate VINCE, a YouTube channel which specialises in 'how to' videos and crazy tech setups, has gone above and beyond in his attempt to have the Switch Lite working on a TV-like display. Why settle for a regular TV when you can play the likes of Mario Kart on an old 1984 Panasonic boombox?

You can check it out for yourself below; it's not what you'd exactly call a practical setup, and we doubt there are many of you out there who just so happen to have all the necessary cables and equipment, but we can't help but admire the dedication. Cuphead played on the boombox looks fantastic, too.

Have you picked up a Switch Lite? How have you been finding it?