If you're looking forward to upcoming Switch exclusive Jet Kave Adventure as much as we are, you'll definitely want to check out this gameplay trailer, kindly shared with us by the talented folks who are hard at work making the magic happen.

The video takes us through three of the game's levels, giving us a let's play-style, unedited view of how the game runs on Switch. We've mentioned it before, but those who have played the recent Donkey Kong games like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will no doubt feel right at home here; the lovely 2.5D style and even several of the game mechanics themselves feel right up DK's alley.

If you're desperate for more on the game, make sure to check out our recent interview with the game's developer, 7Levels. We spoke about the DK inspiration, what the game will add to the Switch's library, and plenty more besides. We also recently shared the game's initial reveal trailer early last month.

- Save the island and Kave’s honor in a playful Stone-Fiction adventure
- Jetpack through 36 colorful levels ridden with hazards and rich with secrets
- Use your trusty club and alien jetpack to smack and whack 30 types of enemies
- Show what you are made of in breakneck flight sequences and boss fights
- Master the jet-fueled platforming to find the collectibles and upgrade your gear
- Put your skills to the ultimate test in Time, Collectible, and No Damage Challenges
- Enjoy a 2.5D adventure platformer tailor-made for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite!

Are you liking the look of the game? Remember, Jet Kave Adventure is set to launch on Switch later this year.