Smm2 Cropped

There are plenty of different ways to enjoy Super Mario Maker 2, be it creating levels, playing the best of other peoples' levels, or even blasting your way through the game's Story Mode, but some like to take the game to the extreme.

CeaveGaming, a YouTuber who we've featured on the site multiple times in the past, has been exploring the possibility of scoring the maximum 999,999,990 points in a level. With the 500 second time limit, this is a surprisingly challenging score to try and reach, even if you decide to load a level full to the brim with power-ups, enemies, and anything else that can net you delicious points.

So can it be done? Well, as it happens, yes - but the creativity needed to pull it off is absolutely off the charts. We'll let CeaveGaming explain it in full, but the winning design essentially revolves around 'score batteries', where enemies are lined up against Pow Blocks in a particular order to maximise scoring. This then has to coupled with the use of pipes - by holding down the 'down' button, players can actually extend the 500 second time limit while resetting all of those enemies over and over again.

If you want to try this at home, we hope you're ready for a long night in. Apparently, the pipe method can extend the 500 second time limit to more than five hours, and you'll need those five hours to secure the points.

Good grief. Nice work CeaveGaming, we'd never have the patience to try something like that.

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