Image: Helgefan

We've seen some cracking courses in Super Mario Maker 2 over the past few weeks, but none have impressed us quite as much as this one.

A player going by the name of Helgefan has shared a course called The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator 2. It initially has you choosing two numbers between 0 and 9 and deciding whether you'd like to add them together or minus your second choice from the first. From there, it's absolute mayhem (and wizardry, we're pretty sure).

You can see the action unfold in this video below; the player is instructed to stand still after making their choices, and the calculator gets to work. There are characters and 1-Up Mushrooms flying all over the place, blocks are everywhere, and Mario is escorted from place to place with Snake Blocks. It really does feel like a huge machine is calculating something, and sure enough, the level ends with the correct answer exploding right in front of your eyes. Incredible.

As it happens, the course is actually an upgrade of a design Helgefan released in the original Super Mario Maker. Called The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator, it essentially did the same thing but with fewer numbers to choose from and a slightly less flashy design on the whole.

If you want to play around with The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator 2 yourself, you can do so by entering code: C81-8H4-RGG.