Out Run

Good old Yu Suzuki, the legendary SEGA designer has been responsible for some of the great arcade franchises of all time such as Out Run, After Burner, Space Harrier and Virtua Fighter.

Suzuki-san is currently putting the final touches on to Shenmue III, but this hasn't stopped him dreaming of revisiting some of the classics which he spearheaded as a whippersnapper at SEGA.

Speaking to VGC, when posed the question if he'd like to return back to Out Run and Virtua Fighter he exclaimed:

“Yes I would like to [return to those]. If you’re going to ask me what, I can’t answer that!”.

This all sounds promising; when pressed by VGC for more juicy details Suzuki said:

“Yes, there might be something [happening]. But since the IP you mentioned are owned by Sega, I would need to work with them. I am a special consultant with Sega, but we will need to talk.”

Well, there you go, we might one day be getting an updated version of Out Run and Virtua Fighter, no doubt headed to the Switch if we start crossing our fingers now.

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[source videogameschronicle.com]