Sega has revealed Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R is "coming soon" to the Japanese Switch eShop. This upcoming Sega Ages release started out life in the arcades in 1994 and was eventually made available on the Game Gear and Mega Drive (Genesis).

The Switch eShop version will feature an arcade mode, Mega Drive mode (comprised of a quest, competition, and free mode) along with network play – allowing players to play together online. Here's a synopsis of the arcade mode, courtesy of Gematsu:

The odd duo return, only this time as a pair of knights in a medieval world. Players must clear four stages and 10 rounds of mini-game battles to save the princess kidnapped by the Demon King. The vivid graphics only available in the arcade version are reproduced in this version. If you use the helper, you will start the game with 20 hearts and there is only one quota per mini-game, so you can play faster and more casually.

As for the Mega Drive mode, here's what you can expect from it:

  • Quest Mode – A mode in which you level-up while collecting Philosopher’s Stones to defeat the Demon King. It supports up to two players. The story is as follows: One day, a Demon King appeared in a peaceful kingdom. The Demon King took the princess hostage and commandeered the castle, erecting a barrier around it. To defeat the Demon King, you must collect the Philosopher’s Stones scattered about the world to destroy the castle’s barrier. The knights who set out on this journey hear the story of the Demon King from the people of a village, then begin their journey to collect the Philosopher’s Stones.
  • Competition Mode – Progress through a sugoroku-shaped field and compete in the games on the tiles you land. Up to four players are supported.
  • Free Mode – Earn points based on your performance. The player who reaches a certain number of points first will win. Up to four players are supported.

And here are some screenshots:

Is this a release you think you would be interested in playing? What other Sega games would you like to see added to the Ages line? Comment below.

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