Ace Attorney

We're all used to seeing older games be remade, remastered, or just straight ported to Switch, and the Ace Attorney series is one of many which has received such treatment this year. As it happens, this particular release appears to have retained a little more of its past life than you'd hope for.

As you can see in the screenshot below, shared online by Twitter user @ktouktou, the French version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy still talks about the Wii - a console which the three games included have all been released on before. It would appear that developer and publisher Capcom has forgotten to update the text in the French localisation - the text in the screenshot reads as follows:

"Yes, by pressing the button - or swinging the Wii Remote".

In the interest of having the time to actually live our lives, we sadly can't test every different localisation of the release to see if the same mistake appears elsewhere, but do let us know if you've noticed anything similar.

We wonder how many confused, younger players are out there wondering what a 'Wii Remote' is while playing on their Switch. Can you believe the Wii came out 13 years ago now? Good grief.

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