X Multiply

The classic side-scrolling shoot 'em up XMultiply is expected to make a comeback on the Switch thanks to Hamster's glorious retro line, Arcade Archives.

If you're not familiar with this title, you might at least know the Japanese developer behind it. Irem was best known for R-Type back in the day. XMultiply - released in 1989 - is a follow-up to the original R-Type.

The story in X Multiply is about microscopic aliens invading a planet. Scientists deploy a small-sized fighter into the body of a person who has been infected by this unknown threat and it's your job as the player to save the day.

Irem's previous ACA releases on Switch include Kid Niki, Youjuu-Den And Moon Patrol. Below is arcade footage of the game, courtesy of the YouTube channel Retro Hawk.

Is this the classic shoot 'em up you've been waiting for on the Switch? Leave a comment below.

[source japanesenintendo.com]