Curse Of The Vampire

The much awaited first DLC bundle of characters for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is arriving on 30th September. The pack, entitled Curse of the Vampire, contains a line up first revealed at San Diego Comic Con with Blade, Moon Knight, Punisher and Morbius joining the fray. That's not all you'll find included in the expansion, though.

A new Gauntlet Mode will enable up to four players to run a series of challenges in quick succession in order to earn rewards. There's also an Endurance Mode - no prizes for guessing what that entails!

Outside the DLC Expansion Pass content, there's also a bunch of free updates on the way which will bring alternate costumes for all the playable characters. This starts on the 30th August with new threads for Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain Marvel. That day will also see the release of Cyclops and Colossus as playable characters, too.

Marvel fans may be a little miffed at the news that Spider-Man is no longer planned to be part of the MCU, so perhaps diving into this full-fat Marvel melange would be a good way to forget all the bureaucracy surrounding the movie rights. Much like Smash Bros. Ultimate, everyone is here. Check out our guide for a look at the entire roster side-by-side with their most famous movie counterparts.

The Expansion Pass, which includes three packs (with the Fantastic Four and some X-Men scheduled next), is the only way to get your hands on this DLC. The packs aren't sold separately and the whole caboodle will cost you $19.99 / £17.99.

Excited to get your hands on the Marvel Knights or are you more of a Fantastic Four fan? Let us know in the usual place.