Nintendo Switch

As of June 2019, the Nintendo Switch has sold 36.87 million units worldwide.

Yes, Nintendo's current machine continues to fly off the shelves as Nintendo shares new data on its success. The last official figure we received placed the console's lifetime sales at 34.74 million as of March 2019, meaning that it sold around 2.13 million units over the last three months - which can often be a rather quiet time of year, it should be said. The data also shows that Switch software sales have now reached 210.13 million.

Interestingly, the Switch is closing in on the SNES' lifetime sales at a rather devastating pace. Back in March, Nintendo predicted that it would sell another 18 million Switch consoles by March 2020 (which would take the total to around 52 million and above SNES' 49.10 million lifetime total). Of course, that was before the announcement of the Switch Lite, so we wouldn't be surprised if Switch sales actually pass the much-loved retro beast by Christmas this year.

We've gathered up all of the official figures for each of Nintendo's major consoles below. As you can see, the Switch has already surpassed the Wii U, GameCube and N64 in terms of hardware sales despite only being around for two-and-a-bit years.

Console (Home) Hardware Sales (Million) Software Sales (Million)
Wii 101.63 920.96
NES 61.91 500.01
SNES 49.10 379.06
Nintendo Switch 36.87 210.13
Nintendo 64 32.93 224.97
GameCube 21.74 208.57
Wii U 13.56 102.91

We also have official figures for Nintendo's handheld-only consoles, so we thought we may as well share those with you, too. Nintendo's handhelds have always performed incredibly well, so the Switch still has a way to go to compete with these.

Console (Portable) Hardware Sales (Million) Software Sales (Million)
Game Boy (and Game Boy Color) 118.69 501.11
Game Boy Advance 81.51 377.42
Nintendo DS 154.02 948.66
Nintendo 3DS 75.28 379.60

Not a bad couple of years on the market, huh? Who knows where the Switch could end up on that list in the long run?