Octopath Traveler might have started out life as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but less than a year after its release, it has become available on the PC. With Square Enix's JRPG now even more accessible, the experts over Digital Foundry decided to compare the two versions.

The PC release of Octopath unleashes the full potential of Square Enix and Acquire's unique JRPG. Armed with a full settings menu, this is the first time we've seen the game pushed to 60fps - and in doing so, sidestepping the frame-pacing issue on Switch.

As silly as some may find this comparison video, others might still be interested to hear about the changes and differences between the two versions - even if the PC release is considered to be the "definitive" take. In saying this, you can't go past the Switch version if you do prefer portable play.

If you would like a standalone rundown about the Switch iteration, view Digital Foundry's original Octopath Traveler analysis.

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