As you can probably imagine, several members of the Nintendo Life team have pretty wild play times registered on our Animal Crossing games. Despite this, none of us can even come close to the tremendous amount of effort displayed by this Animal Crossing superfan.

Jeff, known as jvgsjeff online, has been regularly playing 2002 GameCube title Animal Crossing ever since he first loaded it up. That's 17 years of work, commitment (and enjoyment, we're sure) all poured into that one hugely adored game. He hasn't played it every single day (thank goodness), instead seeing his time with it fluctuate from daily plays to weekly, monthly, and back again over time, but we can't help but be impressed by his dedication.

Speaking to Kotaku, he said, "My towns are like links to the past that I can revisit at any time. My GameCube town still has most of the same villagers that it had 15 years ago. The villagers are almost like old friends, or in some cases, annoying neighbors that you’ve grown to like… sort of.”

It's not just the GameCube edition that Jeff's enjoyed over that time. He's also sunk plenty of hours into the Wii's City Folk, New Leaf on the 3DS, and the Virtual Console version of DS' Wild World. He has 3,018 hours logged into the 3DS game - which Jeff guesses is similar to his GameCube total - and we can't imagine how much patience must have gone into keeping on top of four different towns from four games all at the same time.

As for his thoughts on the upcoming Switch game? He has some ideas for potential improvements:

"New Leaf was a step in the right direction but I’d like to see things go further. One suggestion I had is to have a fossil-identifying class (or part-time job) that would let you eventually learn to identify fossils on your own, instead of having to take them all to Blathers. A separate tool menu would also be great. As for more adventurous changes, I’d like to be able to roam town in full 3D.”

If Animal Crossing does end up appearing at E3 this year, here's hoping it doesn't distract him too much from that 17-year-old GameCube town. Amazing stuff.