Puzzles & Dragons Gold

In 2013, GungHo Online Entertainment released Puzzle & Dragons Z on the 3DS. It followed this up in 2015 with a local release of the game and also added in a special Nintendo-themed bonus title: Puzzle & Dragons Z: Super Mario Bros. Edtion.

Now, GungHo has announced it will release Puzzle & Dragons Gold for Nintendo Switch later this year in North America. This particular entry in the series is a competitive player-verse-player multiplayer game and intends to retain the gameplay of the popular free-to-play mobile title as well as the visual style of the anime.

The original Puzzle & Dragons teams will be collaborating on the project, but apart from this, not much else is known at this point in time. GungHo is the same company responsible for Ninjala, which was recently delayed until early next year.

Visit the official Japanese teaser website for Puzzle & Dragons Gold, or else you can find out more information about Puzzle & Dragons series on the local GungHo website. Also, be sure to check out our review of the two-in-one 3DS release.

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[source gematsu.com]