Phantasy Star Online 2

When Phantasy Star Online 2 was announced for North America during the Xbox conference, it left a lot of western fans of the series wondering if the game would also be released on other platforms locally. Now, based on a comment made by Phil Spencer during an interview on Giant Bombcast, it has seemingly been confirmed the game will be a timed-exclusive.

Here's what the Head of Xbox had to say:

“Yes, it will end up on all platforms."

Phil said the main reason the announcement was made at the Xbox conference was to show the good relations between the two companies:

"The point was to have SEGA on our stage since it’s been a while.”

The good news for Switch owners here in the west is the cloud version of the game has already been released in Japan on Nintendo's hybrid device. So, if what Phil says is true (which seems incredibly likely, given his position), there's a chance we could be playing a local version of Phantasy Star Online 2 on the Switch in the near future. It is, however, worth pointing out that the game has only been confirmed for North America at this point in time.

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