After a remixed version of Wonder Boy Returns was confirmed by the Korean Game Ratings and Administration Committee in March for the Nintendo Switch, a listing on the Japanese eShop has now confirmed the game will be arriving later this month on 23rd May for ¥1,620.

As previously noted, this is a remake of the original game with enhanced visuals. Unfortunately, it didn't go down so well the first time around due to its underwhelming controls and the quality of its animation. The 'Remix' at the end of the title, will hopefully improve the overall experience. Here's a bit about the story in the game, courtesy of Nintendo Everything:

Boy, our protagonist, is at the beach spending time with other girls behind his girlfriend Tina’s back. That was when Tina confronts him and Boy gets punished for his behavior. While being disciplined, a red devil suddenly appears out of nowhere and kidnaps Tina.

If you're wanting to get your hands on this ahead of its western release, the Japanese copy will reportedly include English-language support. This means you can instantly buy, download and play the game – provided you have access to a Japanese eShop account.

Take a look at the original Wonder Boy Returns trailer above and tell us in the comments you would be interested in playing a remixed version.