Well this is an odd one. Verlet Swing is coming to Switch in two weeks and appears to be a first-person fusion of Spider-Man and Salvador Dali. Sure, why not?

Coming from Flamebait Games, it's described as 'an eccentric world where weird stuff happens'. It appears that you use a grappling hook to swing around surrealist environments filled with statues, marine life and floating foodstuffs. You swing around 100 levels carefully navigating the bizarre gauntlet - colliding with any piece of the dreamscape means instant death.

The game's been available on PC for a while, but beyond these surreal pics and the trailer above from last year, there's not a lot to go on. Intriguing!

On Nintendo's website the key features are as follows:

- 100 levels of fast-paced swinging action
- Increasingly surreal levels to swing through
- Progressively difficult gameplay. Only the best of swingers will reach the final levels!
- Test your swinging skills with leaderboards and Challenges mode

We're still trying to to work out if this one is trying too hard, or not trying hard enough. That said, the Steam version has got a Very Positive rating at the time of writing, so it might be worth investigating this oddity when it launches in two weeks' time. It'll cost you $14.99 to dive into this dream / nightmare of flying fish, pizza and Polybius, and perhaps it'll satisfy the Spider-Man fantasies we've been having since the PS4 game came out.

Does this interest you or does it look like someone went to a Dali exhibition and got a bit carried away with themselves? Share your thoughts below.