Sure, we'll still waiting to hear any official announcements regarding a Nintendo 64 Mini console, and you'd fully expect the N64 to be the next Classic machine after the NES and SNES Mini releases, but does that mean we can't already dream of things later down the line?

The answer, friends, is absolutely not, and proving our point in style in this fan-made effort shared online by YouTuber user Madmorda.

Technically, as Madmorda points out in the video above, what you're looking at is actually a tiny Wii. Inside is a Wii motherboard which has been trimmed down to "about the size of a Game Boy Color cartridge", with everything you'd expect to see on the outside being perfectly in place. There are four controller ports (official GameCube controllers work thanks to an adaptor), a slot for the official GameCube controller adaptor for multiplayer action, and even a power button that works just like the original machine.

While an official GameCube Classic console has not been announced - and likely won't be for a very long time, if ever - this proves that it would look an absolute treat for collectors. We'd argue that the GameCube is one of Nintendo's more attractive machines (there's just something special about its cute little cubeness, you know?) and we'd happily expand our mini console collection to include one.

If you're reading this Nintendo, you know what to do!

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