Image: Parrothoodies

We all like to pick up the occasional bit of gaming merch every now and again, especially when it comes to cool looking t-shirts that can show off our hobby when out and about, but shouldn't our pets be welcome to get in on the action, too? Of course they should.

As if inside a bizarre dream where Animal Crossing has fully merged with reality, we present to you the Parrot Pokémon Pikachu Hoodie. We've stumbled across the design on Etsy, where seller Parrothoodies (yes, there's a whole range) has listed the item for £12.99 - £16.99 depending on your parrot's particular measurements.

In all honesty, the hoodie actually looks pretty great and Etsy users who have purchased and reviewed the product appear to be full of praise. It's made from fleece with a cotton lining, has Pikachu's face on the front and tail on the back, and even has the word 'Pokémon' embroidered on the hood.

We particularly liked a 5-star review from user Ruby, who shared a photograph of their parrot in the purchased item.

Image: Ruby, Etsy

If you're looking to pick up your own Pikachu hoodie for your parrot, the seller has provided a guide list of sizes:

Petite is for Senegal, Caique, Derbyan, Moustache Parakeet,
Small is for Lesser Sulphur Crested too, Goffins Too, Myers, Timneh Grey and similar sized birds
Medium is for Congo Grey, Galah Too, Medium Sulphur Crested Too, Eclectus, most crows
Large is for Macaws, Greenwing, Blue & Gold, Hyacinth, Scarlet, Moluccan Too

We'll leave you with more photos of the Pikachu hoodie because we imagine that's exactly what you're here for.


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