Detective Pika

Even with the involvement of Ryan Reynolds, Pokémon Detective Pikachu has been marketed as a family-friendly film. Obviously, you would expect a few sparks, but last week at a screening for the film in Montreal, some kids got more of a shock than they expected.

The cinema accidentally ran the R-rated Mexican-themed horror flick, The Curse of La Llorona. Parents of the children quickly caught onto this mistake when the trailers for Joker and Child's Play started. It only got worse when the main screening began. Fortunately, the children in the audience had been shuffled out by this stage.

Ryan George from ScreenRant, who was in attendance, caught all of the action and uploaded it to Twitter:

The staff at the cinema eventually realised their mistake and relocated the audience to another theatre to watch Detective Pikachu. We're just hoping the kids who saw the above horror movie aren't too afraid of ghost-type Pokémon after this ordeal.

Have you ever had a cinema mishap like this? Have you seen Detective Pikachu yet? Tell us down in the comments.