Launching next week on Nintendo Switch is Legend of the Tetrarchs, a fantasy, turn-based RPG from Exe Create Inc. and Kemco.

Described as a "full-fledged fantasy RPG with thrilling turn-based battles", Legend of the Tetrarchs has you commanding battles which feature up to ten allies and various skill sets. Both the combat and the adventuring itself feature pixelated art and graphics, and you can expect to find an "expansive open world" and dungeons along your travels.

We've got a quick blurb for you to check out below.

The holy sword that sealed away an ominous power has been drawn out and darkness starts to spill out across the land, mutating people into monsters. The four Tetrarch heroes of ancient times will meet a new band of brave warriors to slash through the darkness with the light of courage! What will they find beyond the chaos?

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The game will be available for $14.99 when it launches on 6th June, but US readers can go ahead and pre-purchase it right now from the Switch eShop for $13.49 - a 10% saving.

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