Virtua Racer

About the only problem with Sega's retro line of games on the Switch eShop is how it seems to take ages to localise each one. At the start of the year, Yosuke Okunari - one of the talents behind the revival of these classic games - said the team was aiming to roll out at least one title per month locally and keep the western releases as close to Japan's launches as possible.

Despite Okunari's comments, we can't resist keeping tabs on the Japanese release dates. The beauty of the Switch is you can also change your location and buy games that aren't necessarily available in your own region yet. With this in mind, Sega has announced Virtua Racing will arrive on the Switch eShop next week on 25th April for 925 Yen.

This is a particularly exciting release as it will support eight-player split-screen. You'll be able to do a five or 20-lap race, with everyone at the same time. There's also an online race mode, which plays out as a one-on-one battle. Below is a look at an in-game screenshot of the eight-player mode as well as the game's built-in replay mode, which was not included in the original arcade version:

Virtua Racer 8
Virtua Racer
Virtua Racer

Unfortunately, there's no word about when this game will be released locally, so if you are wanting to download it from your local eShop, you might have to wait a little bit longer.

Will you be buying this game from the Japanese eShop when it arrives next week? Let us know down in the comments.

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