The monthly additions of NES games arriving on Switch have become routine at this point - indeed, three more are on the way in April right on schedule - and despite mixed feelings from the service's subscribers, that routine looks like it's here to stay for now.

All things - good or mediocre - must come to an end eventually, though, and new marketing materials for the online service have been spotted which include this very fact in the small print. Nintendo Switch Online is now launching in Hong Kong, and these flyers note that the NES software additions can't go on forever.

This is an obvious point, of course - Nintendo will eventually move on to a new system, or run out of NES games to provide if the Switch miraculously stays around for decades - but it's an interesting note that isn't usually present in Switch Online advertisement.

Does that mean the end is near for the NES app? If so, is that because the rumoured SNES app is finally coming? In all honesty, probably not, but Nintendo can be near-impossible to predict so who knows?

How are you feeling about the selection of NES games on Switch? Would you like the service to continue, or would you happily see it go? Tell us below.

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