Mortal Kombat 11 only came out yesterday, but fans have already been left rather angry at some of the game's features. Developer NeatherRealm Studios has announced that it will be working towards satisfying fan demands as a result.

As you may know if you already own a copy, both the Towers of Time and The Krypt game modes give out in-game currency which can be spent on various items - skins, profile icons, and such. A quick skim of sites like Reddit or Twitter tells you that fans believe the playing time needed to earn these rewards (some of which are necessary for harder levels) is far too high. Some players have gone as far as to say that the game has been "designed to get you to spend money" to obtain these items instead.

Likely in hopes of calming the storm, NeatherRealm Studios has addressed these feelings in a Kombat Kast stream, promising changes in the near future. Essentially, it appears that tweaks to the reward system and the items received can be performed directly at the studio, without the need for a full patch to be implemented.

This means that you won't see an updated version number or necessarily be notified of the changes, but tweaks should hopefully appear as and when the team enables them.

Have you been playing the game? Have you noticed any harsh systems in play? Let us know in the comments below.

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