UK developer Chequered Ink has announced that Gyro Boss DX is coming to Switch next Friday 3rd May and the above trailer (from the PC version which released in March this year) gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Coming from the Bath-based developer, it appears to mix the 360° avoidance gameplay of mobile hit Super Hexagon with more traditional bullet hell shmup mechanics. You'll be taking on an alien invader with projectiles which range from standard bullets and bombs to, er, squids.

Apparently new to this version is multiplayer which sees 2-4 players competing to find out who's the best pilot in various modes which include treasure hunt, dare devil, civil war and faulty brakes. That last one, in particular, sounds ominous.

According to the official blurb, the game will also feature the following:

Classic Mode – An endless single player battle against the Gyro Boss.
In Classic Mode players must evade the boss’ attacks for as long as possible. Attacks include wild bullet patterns, squids, firebrats, bombs, boxing gloves, lasers and more.
Party Mode – 2-4 players battle it out in various minigames to beat the Gyro Boss and secure the best score.
Party Mode minigames include – Survival, Treasure Hunt, Dare Devil, Marathon, Faulty Brakes and Wacky Weapons.
Objectives – 50 objectives to complete in single player, including achieving highscores and dodging specific attacks.

While high scores would seem to be the focus, it's nice to see some variety with those objectives and the multiplayer looks interesting. It'll launch at £3.99/$4.99 and if the game's anything like as addictive as Super Hexagon was, Gyro Boss DX will be one to look out for at the start of next month.

Does the retro-style bullet hell of Gyro Boss DX tickle your fancy? Let us know your thoughts below.