Last week, EA and Respawn Entertainment revealed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this November.

The game stars a character named Cal Kestis who is a survivor of Order 66 and is forced to conceal his Jedi powers to stay alive.

Not long after the game was revealed, EA community manager Jay Ingram was asked over on Twitter if there were any plans for it to be released on Nintendo’s hybrid device in the future.

He responded by saying there were “no such plans” as amazing as the system is:

Not long ago, Respawn Entertainment responded to questions about a potential Apex Legends port for the Nintendo Switch.

While nothing is currently planned, the developer would “love” to bring the game to the Switch and is hearing all of these requests from Nintendo fans.

For anyone still seeking a Star Wars fix on the Switch, it looks the only option, for now, is Star Wars Pinball by Zen Studios, due out on 13th September.

Would you like to see more Star Wars games on the Nintendo Switch in the future? Leave your thoughts below.