If 12 racers in Mario Kart wasn't already infuriating enough, how would you feel about 24? A video game modder named MrBean35000vr has been able to get 24 karts up and running in Mario Kart Wii.

As he explains in the above video, his mod can handle between 24-29 racers, but the game crashes when 30 or more karts are added. Items have also been rebalanced, so racers now receive the better items in 23rd and 24th place, rather than 11th and 12th. However, there have been some adjustments up front, so first place can't break away from the pack. At the moment, this mod is limited to offline races with 23 computer opponents.

Here's a bit more information about it, courtesy of the creator's YouTube description:

The game is running at 30fps with 24 players, it simply cannot do 60fps with this much processing. Especially not with items enabled. The most you can get away with without needing to drop the framerate depends on the course, but withitems you can only do like 13 - 14 players at 60fps, without items you can get all the way up to 18 or so. Still, I remain impressed that the game can handle 24 and all the items they produce at 30fps, I'm very happy with that.

The item roulette has been tweaked based on the number of players in the race. In the case of a race like this with 24 players, I have it set up so that 23rd/24th receive what 12th would normally get, 21st/22nd get what 11th would, etc. The only exception is 2nd place, which will always get what 2nd place would usually get in order to make sure they can have red shells to stop 1st place breaking away. Other than that, the item logic and limits is the same as in a 12 player race. For now.

Item boxes themselves have been tweaked to respawn twice as fast, since there aren't nearly enough of them with this many people in the race

What do you think about this mod? Would you like more or less racers in future Mario Kart entries? Tell us down below.

Thanks to CM30 for the tip.

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