Did You Know Gaming is primarily known for sharing facts and easter eggs about video games, but from time to time, it spotlights influential figures within the industry as well. In the above video, the focus is on Reggie Fils-Aimé, who recently announced he was stepping down as the Nintendo of America President and would be replaced by Doug Bowser.

Here's a description of the 15-minute clip:

In this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, and history of one of gaming's biggest figures, Reggie Fils-Aime. Our look at Reggie covers his history in business including his work at Pizza Hut, all the way up to his work at Nintendo of America launching the Nintendo Switch.

And in case you missed it, here is Reggie's retirement video:

Did you learn anything new about Reggie from Did You Know Gaming? How are you feeling about Reggie retiring now that the news has sunk in? Tell us down in the comments.

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