PaperPaul's homemade piano creation
Image: PaperPaul

A key part of the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit - one of the first sets to arrive on the market - was the Piano Toy-Con. With cardboard keys which act exactly as you'd expect, and various sound-changing gadgets and gizmos stuck on the sides, the Piano Toy-Con is fun little piece of kit.

One of the few problems with it - and with Labo in general, actually - is how much space your Toy-Con will take up. If you've been treating yourself to a number of these kits, chances are you have funky bits of cardboard littering every cupboard in the house by now. Getting rid of this problem beautifully, however, is this little project from paper engineer and pop-up creator, Jean-Paul Leconte.

Pop Up Labo Piano
Image: PaperPaul

What you see before you is a fully functional Labo piano in pop-up book form; you can literally fold the piano down into a book shape, taking up hardly any space. It contains all of the following functions, and works by using the Joy-Con's infrared light, just like the real deal:

• Fully functional keyboard
• Pop-up Switch position
• Waveform scanner
• Waveform selector
• Effect key scanner
• Effect keys holder
• A two-way tremolo switch
• Paper spring push buttons
• Reset bar (keyboard lifter)
• Piano member drop

You can see it in action in this video below. Jean-Paul says, "This project was a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. I never thought I would be able to build in all the functions. Even though, it seems like a bit too much, bulky and maybe "over-engineered", the main goal of this project was to achieve a working keyboard and from there on, I got sucked into challenge after challenge and lots of problem-solving".

What do you think? More practical than Nintendo's own design? Have you made any cool projects with Labo? Let us know in the comments.