Xaloc Studios has revealed the release date for its upcoming arcade fantasy soccer title, Super Kickers League. The game will be kicking off on Switch on 20th March.

Alongside the announcement comes a feature list, which we've included for you below, as well as news of a previously-unrevealed 'Retro Mode'. You can see this mode in action for yourself in the trailer just below this feature list; the graphics are noticeably different to the main game's look, and the camera takes a top-down-like approach as opposed to being pitchside.

Super Kickers League features:
- Crazy 3vs3 arcade football matches
- Glorious 60fps
- Local multiplayer of up to 6 players (4 on the PS4 version)
- 3 different game modes: Teams, Kickers and Retro.
- Up to 10 different teams with a unique special skill per team
- Achievements and unlockable content
- Possibility to combine captains of different teams to use their skills strategically (Kickers mode)
- Easy to learn, hard to master

The game is set to be available for $14.99 when it launches on Switch later this month.

Will you be giving this one a go? Let us know in the comments below.