Earlier this week, Splatoon 2 players found out the Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro would be offering exclusive in-game gear to readers via a special download code in an upcoming issue. The 'Mecha Gear' as it is known (see above), is tied to a competition to design new accessories for the online multiplayer team-based shooter.

Nintendo intends to adapt this gear to the game, giving the design its own spin. It's not actually the first time a competition like this has been run, either. The 'Traditional' and 'Moist Ghillie' sets both originated from a contest held by Japanese gaming publication Famitsu.

Although previous contest-winning sets have made their way across to the west in the past, this latest exclusive content for Japanese CoroCoro readers has sparked outrage here in the west on social media. The #GearForAll campaign has Splatoon 2 players in this part of the world essentially protesting against region specific in-game content.

Below are some of the tweets if you search this hashtag gaining traction on Twitter right now:


Tell us in the comments below if you've joined this movement and generally what you think about region-exclusive content in your video games.

Thanks to Yosher for the tip.