Wargroove Battle

Wargroove is still less than a month old and already the team at Chucklefish are eager to share information about the future of the game with the player base. During a recent Twitch live stream, followed by a summary post over on the Wargroove subreddit, the developer outlined the upcoming quality of life and community feedback patch.

While a release date has not yet been confirmed, it's evident a number of changes across all areas of the game are on the way. Players can expect a new checkpoint system, a difficulty system overhaul, multiplayer adjustments, fog of war changes, general quality of life improvements and plenty of new options along with further fixes and tweaks. Read about all of these features below:

Checkpoint system
While playing in campaign mode you'll be able to set a checkpoint in a mission, and then if you're defeated you can retry from this checkpoint. You can set a checkpoint whenever you want, but you can only have one active at a time (previous gets overwritten)

Difficulty system overhaul
Following player feedback we're now adding 5x difficulty presets - Story, Easy, Medium, Hard (Default) & Custom.
Hard is the standard rules of the game and the only mode where you can obtain S-ranks.
Medium is a bit easier and allows up to 3 stars, Easy limits you to 2 stars & Story to 1 star (and is very easy indeed!)

You can now add CPU players to online games. There’s now also a message clarifying that you must join a match if you don’t have any in progress.
A number of fixes have been made to Quick Play timers, and you can now no longer suspend Quick Play matches and play other games in the meanwhile, since they’re supposed to be real-time.
Seven maps designed specifically for co-op will also be added.

General Quality of Life
The effectiveness chart on unit info and recruit screens has been reworked to be far more readable and informative!
Skipping battles, captures and cutscenes is now much faster, and S Rank requirements will now be displayed on the overview screen for a mission.
“Exit” has been renamed to “Suspend” to avoid confusion and you can now see teams on the Overview screen.
Fix has been made to international text input on Switch, and the Korean font has also been added.
Display the Controller Select Applet on Switch less often (so only shows up when using local multiplayer).

New options:
We're adding a “Movement Speed” option that allows you to set all units to move faster, as well as a “Confirm End Turn” option to avoid accidental end of turns.
A “Damage Range” option is also being added to display minimum and maximum damage on previews, instead of average damage.

Fog of War:
Allies now share vision, and eliminated players can still see their team vision - thus becoming spectators.
Now spectators can only view the current team’s vision, rather than the whole whole map.
Enemy income and funds will now be hidden! Spawn effects and building colours will also not be shown inside fog of war. Likewise, battle and capture animations won't be shown unless at least one of the units is visible to the current player.
Fix made to “sonar” bug that allowed you to obtain extra information within fog of war.

The full changelog will become available when the patch gets a release date and goes live.

Are you still playing Wargroove? How are you finding it so far? Leave a comment down below.

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