For the last few glorious hours, players all over the world have been enjoying the bitey, leafy ways of Piranha Plant in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The character was added in an update to Version 2.0.0 just hours ago, but some players are experiencing a pretty nasty and worrying issue.

As reported by unofficial account @SSBUNews, player reports suggest that using Piranha Plant in the game's All-Star Mode has the potential to corrupt your save file. All-Star mode has you choosing a fighter - which can now include Piranha Plant - before taking on all unlocked fighters in chronological order.

Unlocking all of the characters, completing the game's single-player campaign, World of Light, and working towards all of the many extras takes an awful lot of time; many players have already racked up a significant amount of playtime. One such player was @xoanagives, who reports that the Piranha Plant save corruption has cost them 130 hours' worth of save data.


In replies to this tweet, xoanagives confirms that they do have an online subscription, and therefore have data being backed up to the cloud, but the original data has not been saved. xoanagives also notes that it has affected the entire game, with their World of Light progress and Spirit collection also disappearing.


The bug isn't affecting everyone, so you may not have any issues, but we'd recommend avoiding using Piranha Plant in All-Star mode for now until more information comes to light. Hopefully a patch will be issued soon to fix the problem.

Have you already been playing as Piranha Plant? Do you like the character? Tell us below.

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