Crying Pikachu

Last year in April, there was a rumour Universal Studios was launching a Pokémon park in Orlando as soon as 2020. Now, there's a new one floating about suggesting the plans for this park and The Legend of Zelda attraction may have been temporarily shelved for at least four years or permanently axed.

According to an update over at Theme Park University - one of the sources of the original rumour which was never formally announced, Universal has recently decided to cut back on the amount of Nintendo content at its Orlando theme park instead of following through with its initial idea to "triple down" on the project.

It's believed to be partly linked to the fact it didn't want Nintendo's presence on the site to match the Harry Potter attractions. The risk factor involved has also reportedly played a part in this decision after the pricey Fast and Furious attraction flopped, despite being based on one of the biggest movie franchises of all-time.

The source states how the Kidzone at Universal Studios Orlando and The Lost Continent attraction will remain untouched now, instead of being replaced. The only official announcements on Nintendo's end so far reportedly include the opening of Universal Studios Japan in 2020 and the mention of a Mario Kart attraction within the Nintendo section.