If you thought you already knew everything about Mario, perhaps you should watch the above video first. Did You Know Gaming has managed to compile 10 minutes of obscure Mario facts you probably had no idea about.

For example, during the Super Famicom era, Nintendo experimented with digital magazine publishing. Despite being officially licensed, these magazines included adult jokes and inappropriate images. Some of the illustrations supposedly depicted Mario smoking, committing physical assault and even showed a lewd act between Toad and Peach.

If that wasn't enough, apparently there was a rejected pitch for a 3D game known as Yoshi racing. A Eurogamer article allegedly uncovered this Argonaut Games project which was believed to be the same one that eventually morphed into the 1997 PlayStation release, Croc.

And if that's still not outrageous enough, during an interview about the Super Famicom Classic, Super Mario World character designer Shigefumi Hino admit Mario actual hits Yoshi on the head when he rides him - to the point there is even an added "bonk" sound. Hino thought people would feel sorry for Yoshi, so the team decided to pass it off as Mario saying the line "go!" instead.

There's much more to learn about, so take a look at the full video above and feel free to share some of your own obscure Mario facts in the comments below.

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