"hold me"

Before this slightly baffling era where twenty to thirty new games appear every single week on the ever-blooming Switch, Nintendo's home console operations revolved around none other than the Wii U. A console let down by a lack of third-party support and unclear marketing, and ultimately not generating nearly enough sales, the Wii U has - still undeservedly in our eyes - been quickly forgotten about in the gaming world.

As if to perfectly prove that point, a recent crossword available via The New York Times entirely ignored the poor Wii U when it should have been thrust back into the spotlight. Shared by Reddit user UhhMaybeThisWillWork, the crossword asks for the "predecessor of Nintendo Switch", allowing users to input just three letters for the answer. That's right, even the New York Times is ignoring the Wii U's existence, skipping that generation entirely and believing the Wii to have been Nintendo's most recent console.


While we're only having a bit of fun here, the situation does highlight just how poorly the Wii U was understood or known about among consumers. The person or team behind the creation of this crossword puzzle clearly didn't realise the product existed, presumably after a quick bit of research to double check their answers, too. We'll always stand by our belief that the Wii U had a cracking first-party lineup of games in the end, but it clearly wasn't appreciated by many.

Do you have any fond memories of the Wii U era? Shall we start a 'positive Wii U thoughts' thread in the comment section to make the poor thing feel better? Feel free to join in below.

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